Record number of foreign workers in Denmark

//Record number of foreign workers in Denmark

Record number of foreign workers in Denmark

Over 200,000 foreign workers have full-time employment in Denmark, according to a report from the confederation of Danish industry, Dansk Industri.

This number represents a 25% increase since 2013, when 150,000 expats were employed in Denmark.

The largest group of employed foreigners come from Poland, with near 26,000 employees, followed by Germany, Romania, Sweden and the UK. Turkey holds the 7th place, the only non-European country in the top 10.

But not only EU citizens come to work in Denmark: also India, Thai and Chinese nationals have a strong presence in the Danish labor market and US citizens are also part of the top 30 nationalities with over 3,000 employees.

The increase of foreign full-time employed workers in the local market is an indication of the progress in Denmark, according to Steen Nielsen, the deputy head of DI, who spoke to the local newspaper Copenhagen Post.



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