Wonderful, wonderful Autumn in Copenhagen

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Wonderful, wonderful Autumn in Copenhagen

Our recommendations for making the most of Autumn in Copenhagen. 
Deer Watching at Dyrehaven
Large populations of red and fallow deer roam the woods of Dyrehaven, and huge ancient oak trees fill the landscape. Take a walk, a bike ride or a ride in a horse drawn carriage to enjoy the huge variety of colours and the crisp autumn air. There will be a very great chance of getting a close look at the deer, such are the numbers of deer in the park, and particularly during rutting season in autumn. You’ll also likely see plenty of nature photographers and journalists trying to get a good luck at the impressive Stags! Make sure to keep a little distance to avoid disturbing the deer though.
Young oak trees and carpet of fallen brown leaves

Dyrehaven (the deer park) has a beautiful display of oak trees during Autumn

Every first Sunday of November, the Hubertus Hunt takes place here, as it has done every year since 1905. More than 160 riders and over 40,000 spectators come out for the event- put it in the diary now!
Our recent blog post explained what a wonderful place this is to explore with children- and especially so during autumn! During Efterårsferie (14-22nd October 2017), the museum hosts a historical market, with performers, vintage treats and displays of things like cooking methods, honey making and crafting from 18th Century. Make sure you enjoy a ride in a horse drawn carriage too!
This isn’t the only museum to host special activities for the holiday week of course- more on that in a blog post very soon, so check back for more!
Cosy up under a blanket with a steaming cup of coffee and watch the world go by
You’ll find outdoors seating with warm, soft blankets draped over each chair, outside many cafes and restaurants in Copenhagen. If you’re wondering what ‘hygge’ is all about, grab some good friends and go order some drinks. Spending time enjoying conversation, coffee (or a beer!), candles and the view with loved ones is sometimes the best tonic for the soul- even on a grey day! Top tip: if you head to Nyhavn, you can enjoy all the colour that the restaurants, cafes, boats and people here have to offer.
A stroll around the lakes 
On a clear, crisp day, take a stroll around the three lakes, and later take a break on a bench near the water. It’s a central city location to take some breaths and enjoy the calm- not to mention, the pretty views across the water and the pretty houses that line the lakes. There are some cosy coffee shops to stop at, take a load off and grab a drink.
If you’re on Instagram, have a look at hashtag lakeogram for some great photo’s of the Lakes!
Fruit picking 
Fresh Danish apples are everywhere during autumn- and they are delicious! If you’re not lucky enough to have an apple tree in your own garden, you can head to one of the pick-your-own farms for apples, pears and pumpkins at this time of year. This is an especially lovely activity to do with children, who LOVE to pick the fruit and eat it directly from the tree, and help to fill buckets to the brim with their pickings. Some of the farms also have small cafes and farm shops to enjoy.
Three red apples hanging from a tree

Apples ready to be harvested

Try http://www.kildebronde-frugt.dk or try http://www.plukselvfrugt.dk to find a place near you.

We hope that you find your favourite way to enjoy the season here in and around Copenhagen. 
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