New Year’s in Copenhagen: what to do and how to celebrate it like a Dane

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New Year’s in Copenhagen: what to do and how to celebrate it like a Dane

New Year’s is a worldwide big thing, but in Denmark is a true party filled with traditions! Fireworks can be seen from almost everywhere, despite the cold and rainy weather people gather in the streets and by 6 pm Danes run to the TV to watch the Queen’s speech.

Most Danes celebrate New Year with friends. Parties usually start before 18:00, because this is when live TV broadcast of Queen’s New Year’s speech starts, in which Queen Margrethe mentions the most important events of the year and finishes with “Gud bevare Danmark” (“God save Denmark”).

If you want to celebrate like a local, your menu must consist of cooked cod, served with home-made mustard sauce and vegetables. In some Danish homes, fish is followed by a main dish of pork and kale, but today many Danes prepare exotic and alternative specialties for their New Year’s dinner.

Just before midnight, many Danes gather in front of the television to watch the 18-minute short movie in black and white “90-års fødselsdagen”, known as “Dinner for one”, to be followed by the image of the clock from the tower of the City Hall (Rådhuspladsen) waiting to strike midnight. Get ready to jump from the couch or a chair to symbolize the hope for better times and an easy transition to the New Year and to sing along Vær Velkommen Herrens År (Welcome to the Lord’s New Year). The Danish National Anthem and the Danish Monarch Song will play while you serve yourself a piece of kransekage (a marzipan-based cake) and a glass of champagne.

Now that you know what you do, we give you some recommendations on
where to go:

Tivoli Gardens
This year is open on New Year’s Eve to enjoy the rides and attractions until 10 pm. Restaurants are open and offer menus from 295 kr. Read more here.

Where to be at Midnight
Instead of watching it on TV, you can head to the very hear to Copenhagen to the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) to hear the clock tower welcome the New Year and enjoy the fireworks.
If you like royalty, you can gather at Amalienborg to watch the Royal Guard wish each other a happy new year.
Queen Louise’s Bridge in Nørrebro is another popular gathering spot to have a privileged view of the fireworks.

Dining and Party
Restaurants and Clubs are open on New Year’s Eve, but you need to book in advance. Visit Copenhagen website has a list that you can read here


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