Winter Holidays Activities for children

Winter Holidays Activities for children

Winter Break is around the corner and Relohagen made a useful guide to help you keep the kids busy during week 7.

Copenhagen Zoo – Winter Time out at the Zoo

When the temperature start to drop at Copenhagen, Nordic and Arctic animals feel just like home. Seals, Reindeers and Polar Bears can be visited in their natural environments and children can experience what is like to be in a polar climate by visiting a Sami tent and sit by the fire.
In the Zoolab, the kids can go creative: make a wolf mark, cut a landscape and explore fur and skulls from the animals of the North and/or learn about how the hedgehog gets through the Danish winter.
You can also visit one of the four playground, and the recent new one near the jeep, where you can find a secret path and two real size tigers.
Also, Zoo Camps are organized during this period for children age 8-10. More info:

The Children’s Workers Museum – experience how kids lived in the past

Through games and using their senses children can experience how it was to be a working-class child generations ago: experience the life of kids from the end of 1800s to beginning of the XX Century.
Visitors can dress up and pretend to be a delivery boy, work on a brewery, be a sailor, work in an office or imagine themselves in a grocery shop.
You can also hear the story of Thorvald Stauning, a low class working child who later became the first Social Democrat Prime Minister of Denmark.
More info:

SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark

Who hasn’t been on the Children’s Wing of the SMK has really missed a fun art day!
Children can get inspired with clay, paper, cloth, paint, pencils, glue guns and paint brushes and create their own painting or sculpture in the kids workshops.
There is also The Sketching Room, where children can grab a pencil and paper and be inspired by the sculptures in the room in the exhibition European Art 1300-1800.
During Winter Holidays there will be a jazz specially organized for the little ones.

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Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice lands in Copenhagen with its show “Worlds of Enchantment”, bringing guests like Frozen, Lightning McQueen, the Little Mermaid and Toy Story!

Where: Forum Copenhagen
When:  14 & 15 February, 10.30/14.30/18.30
How much: from 205 DKK + fee
Buy tickets here


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