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The Formula for an Urgent Relocation

A relocation process is anything but a straight-forward process. It is a collection of decisions, includes multiple players, numerous (and sometimes conflicting) goals, uncertainty, and decisions made with limited time. An urgent relocation has the time span of 30 days or less:

The Process Explained

Peace Of Mind

With our full-service solution, we take care of your entire move to Copenhagen – start to finish.

Stress-free Relocation

We help you when you are pressed for time to get a stress-free move with minimum effort to it.

Stand Out

With our network we make you attractive to potential renters and sellers. We’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Total Satisfaction

We simply don’t stop until we have found you a new home that meets your unique needs and tastes.

We Search For You

We tap into our extensive network to your benefit – learning about properties before they are officially listed.

Planning and Viewing

We initiate contact with landlords and plan viewings according to your availability.

Show Me An Example of Your Relocation Contract!

1. Relocation Package Part 1

1.1 Housing Search

The housing market in the Capital Region of Copenhagen is examined daily in connection with your requirements and specifications. We use both residential gateways and network connections, which gives you a better range of housing possibilities. You will be updated 2 times weekly.

1.2 Contact, planning and flat viewing

We will contact the landlord, do the planning and arrange a flat viewing. If you are not in Copenhagen at the time, we are your eyes. We examine the flat, take pictures, do the inspection and prepare a flat presentation which you can read through, so you can get your own impression. Conversely, if you find yourself in this country we pick you up and look at the apartment together.

Pt. 1 and 2 is the general process which is both time consuming and costly. In Copenhagen, there is an average 300 applications per. Lease. This process continues until we have found you an apartment. When the apartment is found and simultaneously accepted from your part, we continue:

2. Relocation Package Part 2

2.1 Preparation of lease contract

The lease contract is in Danish and follows the Danish Rent Act. We examine, translate and compile a secure lease contract for you.

2.2 Pre-Inspection Check

In Denmark, you pay three months’ rent in deposit and in some cases additional 1-3 months’ rent and expenses as rent paid in advance before occupation. The deposit is mandatory and the prepaid rent is determined by the landlord. The deposit is used to rectify the damage caused by the prospective tenant. If the lease is injury-free upon moving, the full deposit will be refunded within 14 days. The 1-3-month pre-paid rent determined by the landlord is used as the last 1-3 months rent for security payment reasons. The purpose of our Pre-Inspection Examination is to create security and safety by thoroughly reviewing and documenting the flats condition before occupation so the landlord can not incur liability for damage you have not caused.

2.3 14 days subsequent follow-up

14 days after your move we will contact you, to hear if everything is as it should be – if it is – then the agreement and the service you have purchased from Relohagen is considered complete.

2.4 Additional service benefits

We can both advise and inform you about how the personal registration works for the both work permit and social security number. Moreover, we can help you to rent furniture. Arrange removals or move your goods from one flat to another. Help with practical things such as repairs, cleaning and language training. Please note that these services cost extra unless they are already included in the agreement. For more information please visit; https://relohagen.dk/our-services/

3. Payment details

3.1 Relocation Basis-Package

Here you will receive the entire relocation package mentioned in this agreement. The invoice will be divided into two equally sized parts and sent to your e-mail address. The first invoice will be sent the day you sign this agreement. The second invoice will be sent the day you sign the lease contract for your new flat.

3.2 Price range

The starting prices is:
Rental period: 2-6 months: 699€
Rental period 7 months to 2 year+: 749€
Rental period 2 years+ / unlimited: 799€
Acuteness: 99€ – if you need to move within a month
Pets: 99€

Every relocation case is evaluated when it comes to its associated costs and working hours. If its pre-estimated that a relocation case is none-regular and difficult to complete then the total relocation cost will be higher than the above starting prices. The total price is negotiable and the final price that is agreed between the client and Relohagen is presented under pct. 5.2.

3.3 Price information

All of our prices is exclusive danish VAT of 25%.

The invoices must be paid within 14 days otherwise an additional fee equivalent to 20 € will be charged. A continued default will result in the termination of this agreement.

3.4 Payment agreement

It is agreed between the client and Relohagen that the payment will be separated into two equal parts. One part is paid correspondingly to the start date of this contract and the second part when the client has a signed lease contract for an apartment starting the x.

If the client do not get an apartment before the x. the second payment will be cancelled.

4. Cancellation

4.1 Termination of contract

The client can terminate this relocation contract at any time. If doing so Relohagen will keep the first instalment correspondingly to the amount of working hours Relohagen has used up till the date of termination.

Relohagen can terminate this contract if the tenant has lied or given untrue personal information on who they are or whom they represent. If Relohagen decides to terminate this contract for any other reason then the client will be fully refunded.

5. Additional information:

We have a 100% success-rate in finding our clients a flat before the given deadline. If it so happens that we have not found you an apartment before the given deadline, we will provide you with a temporary residence until the apartment is found. The temporary residence can consist of either a room, a short stay apartment or a hotel room that vote with you in relation to your budget and your needs. Furthermore, we will help you to store your goods in a secure storage room correspondingly to your budget.

5.1 The housing market in Copenhagen is divided into two parts

The market for private and the market for companies. The private housing market is extremely intensively competitive in relation to the many house searchers. The market for companies is more affordable competitive as the number of people represented by a business is less. Relohagen uses both markets and offers you both options.

5.2 Completion of contract

The completion of this contract is considered finished when the client has a secure signed lease contract, has moved in and furthermore received a 14-days subsequent follow-up done by Relohagen where the client has no further objections (pct. 2.3).

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