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Travel Administration

Today, it isn’t uncommon for companies to have their employees manage their own travel administration. They book their own business trips, and are responsible for organising their travel and hotel costs. But here’s the thing: they also have their jobs to do. Booking travel, finding great deals and the best travel times requires time and effort. Let you employees focus on their jobs; we’ll take over the travel administration, and book travel based on company guidelines. Not only are we here to help free up employee time to focus on their jobs, we’re here to help you find the very best prices and cost-savings.

Flight & Hotel Reservations

Arrange flights and hotels in line with your budget and requirements

Planning & Overview

Find the most efficient travel plan to best suit your schedule and deadlines

24 HourServices

Lost Luggage? Delays? Hotel overbooking? Don’t worry we are available for you 24/7

Travel Together

Be logistic efficient and travel with others. When you travel more at once you can reduce the costs

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for coverage no matter your location

Transfer & Guidance

Lost luggage handling, hotel booking issues: we’re here to help, 24/7

We use a simple online portal to make traveling less complicated, less costly and a more straight-forward process. Leave the logistics to us and be more efficient and professional when doing business travels: we can tailor your trip specifically to you, or – through  Travelasone – can help your business and employees save by either creating or joining in on a travel package to a given destination, and have comprehensive, up-to-date overviews of travel activities within the company.

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