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Denmark in a Nutshell

Vikings, Lego, Little Mermaid, Licorice. These could be one of the first words that come to your mind when someone mentions Denmark. The smallest country in the Scandinavian brotherhood.


Did you know that the Kingdom of Denmark is actually 12th biggest country in the world? Due to the fact that the Kingdom includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland, it is 500 times larger than Denmark itself.


In a nutshell, a place where one of the oldest monarchies in the world, with its beautiful castles, meets the modern design, forward-looking values and Micheline restaurants, all resulting in (one of) the happiest nations in the world. Probably.

Copenhagen in a Nutshell

Copenhagen is no size of New York, London or Tokyo, we all know that! Take a train or metro and you can be on its opposite side in less than 30 minutes. But should you take a bike and pass through the city, you will find that no two streets are the same and no two neighborhoods offer the same.


Do you enjoy shops and restaurants, vibrant night life and busy streets? Stay as close to the city center as possible! Fancy a sea view, modern neighborhoods and vast outdoors? Aim for Amager! Hip multicultural neighborhood with endless creativity and street culture? Nørrebro is the answer!


Copenhagen has over 10 different neighborhoods and together with Frederiksberg Municipality it has a lot to offer, one just needs to make the right choice!

Settling in

Many have done it before. A new city, a new apartment, one knows the drill – what should make this anyhow different? Let’s get an Uber and let’s explore! Wait a minute…


Each city is different and nothing is more valuable than a couple of good tips from your local. There is no Uber, get Rejseplanen instead! Looking for the nearest ATM? Get MobilePay! A night-in but too tired to cook? Get Wolt , Just Eat or check TooGoodToGo!


Denmark, and Copenhagen especially, has gone digital and knowing just a few right apps to keep in your phone can make your settling in much easier!

Museums of Copenhagen

Have a day off from your work? Are friends or family coming for a visit? Want to do something different this weekend? Try one of many museums this city has to offer!


Generally speaking, Danish museums open from 10 in the morning to 4 or 6 in the afternoon but be aware that most of them are closed on Mondays!


If you are on a budget our tip is to visit some of the museums which are completely free of charge or one of the big ones during their free-entrance day! Take Glyptoteket for example – world-class works of Rodin, Matisse and Picasso, completely for free if you plan your visit for the last Wednesday of the month.

Summer in Copenhagen

The time has finally come! Put away your rain coats and re-install your curtains as summer is here! Yes, temperature can still be mild in summer but with more than 17 hours of sunlight a day, there is plenty of time to fully enjoy your new life in the Danish capital.


Long day at work? Grab a dinner at Reffen while enjoying a sunset over the canal. Night out with friends? Stay close to Islands Brygge and enjoy harbor swimming! Family daytrip during the weekend? Grab a picnic basket and head up north to Bellevue Beach and Jægersborg Dyrehave


Summer is the best time to explore Denmark! Take a train or a ferry and go beyond the city borders. Best time to book your summer house is already in March!

Getting to know a Dane

More than half a million! That is the population of Copenhagen city. Yet, you have heard it so many times – making friends in Denmark is hard. Especially with the locals.


Our best tip is to join a club! Literally any club! The best way to get to know a Dane and the Danish culture is via common interests or hobbies. Sure, everyone is super friendly and your boss is “Lars’, not Mr. Jensen, however getting beyond work relations and bursting your expat bubble will take some effort.


Danes pride themselves in tolerance and diversity, and they will be genuinely interested in “hearing your story”. Just remember – coffee meeting at 5 starts at 5, not 5ish and agreed meeting 3 weeks from now is as binding as dinner on the same day!

Danish culture

From picnics in the parks, to birthday cakes, to Christmas trees! You will see it everywhere!


Known by its local name as ‘Dannebrog’, the Danish flag holds the world record of being the oldest continuously used national flag in the world! However, the hidden meaning behind its popular everyday use is way less patriotic – it stands for celebration, joy and warm welcome!


If there is anything else Danes love as much as their flag, it is the famous Danish Hygge! Mentioned on every webpage, in each personal blog and described in several books – Danish Hygge is something that will boost your dark winter days way more than any Vitamin D supplements recommended. Worth trying it out!

Taxes / SKAT

Let’s be honest. Danes have a weird sense of humour. The word ‘skat’ can have 3 different meanings in Danish: a sweetheart or a darling, a treasure and a tax! Yes, your sweetheart is someone you truly treasure but do Danes really treasure their taxes that much as well?!


SKAT refers to Danish Tax Authority and since Day 1 in the country you want to be sure that your income tax, municipality tax or even Danish church tax are all set up properly!

Even though Denmark has one of the highest tax rates in the world, in several polls over the last decades Danes have actually refused to lower their taxes as they value the benefits they get in return. However, no one wants to pay 52% of the income tax if it can be 37% instead!


Once your tax card is set up, everything can be done online – your salary, your deductions and allowances as well as your non-Danish income. One just needs to have the preliminary income assessment in order.

Health care system

Got your CPR, got your yellow card and now you are entitled to universal, equal and free healthcare in Denmark! Congratulations! But what does that actually mean?


Your GP is now your go-to-person. Whether it is a common cold or you need to see a specialist. Without so called referral from your GP you can’t really book an appointment yourself. Unless of course you are willing to pay extra for a private treatment.


Having an emergency? Call 112 immediately! Not a real emergency? Call 1818 instead! On-call medical personnel, available after 4pm on weekdays and during the weekends, will guide you regarding the proper treatment.


And remember, MinSundhed, Medicinkortet or Min Læge are just sone of the apps one should install right away! 

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