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We are a relocation company that helps expats locate and move into the perfect Copenhagen
accommodation based on their specific needs.


Relocation services for your Copenhagen move


One of the most important parts of a successful relocation to Copenhagen is to find the right place to live for you. Copenhagen and its suburbs offer many and quite different options, that are suitable for expats, both if you are bringing your family or are relocating by yourself. Every relocation is unique, and we will help you figure out, the best place for you to live based on your needs and wishes. We will cover everything from home searches and viewings to move-in reports, lease contracts, and walk-throughs. With our Copenhagen-based relocation service, you do not have to navigate in the intense housing market in and around Copenhagen. Instead, you get to focus on your new chapter as an expat in Copenhagen.


The first step when relocating to Denmark for work is assessing the immigration processes. Early assessment reduces stress and facilitates knowledge-based decisions.  Denmark’s immigration rules and regulations are transparent; however, the process can be long if mistakes are made. Danish immigration authorities are also known to be thorough, and compliance is non-negotiable.  Our experienced immigration specialists will council you on appropriate migration options, define timelines, obtain necessary needed documents, and provide next steps to help you achieve the goal.    

Keeping your personal information confidential and safeguarded is equally as important as compliance. We adhere to strict laws and internal protocols to protect personal information.

Our immigration service solutions cover all aspects of immigration for EU and NON-EU nationals.


A successful relocation is more than housing and finding the right place to live. After the move, it is time to start a new life in a new country. We know that it can be overwhelming. As your relocation partner we can assist you with the essentials of settling in in Copenhagen, such as how to get around and home maintenance. That leaves more energy for you to spend on unpacking and digesting all the new impressions. If you have children, we can help finding a school or kindergarten. We would also love to introduce you to Danish culture and give you a deeper understanding of the opportunities to build an everyday life in Copenhagen.


Leaving beautiful Copenhagen already? We are here to help you focus on your next move by taking care of things like contract termination, closing down utilities, writing move-out reports, and leaving your Copenhagen expat housing in the very best conditions. A good ending is a big part of a successful relocation experience.

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