Simply Moving

We are a relocation company that helps expats locate and move into the perfect Copenhagen
accommodation based on their specific needs.

Personal Data Notice

Relohagen – of Copenhagen ApS., collects personal data about you for a number of different purposes. The information is collected when you visit our websites, submit requests, participate in surveys, register as a customer or use our services.


As a customer you have the right to have your personal information sent to you. To protect your personal information, Relohagen – of Copenhagen, must verify your identity in an appropriate manner before we give you access to your information.


Some processing of your personal data requires a clear consent from you. This applies, for example, to processing of social security numbers, telephone conversations, e-meetings etc., where information are given in the clear understanding that they are necessary for us to execute any or all requests for services submitted by you, including subsequent customer surveys, for the purpose of fulfilling a contract between you and third party.


You always have the right to withdraw your consent according to the Art. 68 GDPR /European Data Protection Board.

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