Copenhagen, March 11th, 2020

We all heard of the Corona Virus that has hit China, South Korea, and Europe. Italy has been especially server hit – and it appears that Denmark now as well. At a press conference this evening the Danish Primeminister announced the closing down of all public schools, universities, kindergartens, nurseries,  restaurants, and pubs as well as civil servants not engaged in life-saving/essential work shall stay home and private companies are encouraged to arrange for employees to work from home – the next 14 days starting Monday, March 16th. Public transport – like express, InterCity, and Regional Trains will demand a seat reservation from all passengers.

The legislation will be express passed the Danish Parlament over the next days, however, the PM encourages all to stay home from Tuesday morning 12th of March. Shops and supermarkets will be open – so far known at the Danish standard opening hours, and with no shortage of commodities, etc.

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